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Our Clinic Opening Times.

We are open for general screening Monday to Friday available either via appointments or via our walk in and wait clinics. The clinics on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are for symptomatic patients only. The Thursday walk in and wait clinic is for those who do have symptoms and for those who do not have any symptoms.

Please note that we would prefer that you book into a clinic rather than attend a walk in, this will mean that you are not waiting for a long time as our walk in and wait clinics can be very busy.
Walk in and Wait Clinic

The dates and times for the walk-in clinics are below:

Monday 28th July Not available
Tuesday 29th July 9.30 - 11am
Wednesday 30th July 9.30 - 11am
Thursday 31st July 2.30 - 6pm
Friday 1st AugustNot available
Saturday 2nd AugustNot available
Monday 4th AugustNot available
Tuesday 5th August9.30 -11am
Wednesday 6th August9.30 - 11am
Thursday 7th August2.30 - 6pm
Friday 8th AugustNot available
Saturday 9th AugustNot available
Monday 11th AugustNot available
Tuesday 12th August9.30 -11am
Wednesday 13th August9.30- 11am
Thursday 14th August2.30 - 6pm
Friday 15th AugustNot available
Saturday 16th AugustNot available
Monday 18th AugustNot available
Tuesday 19th August9.30 - 11am
Wednesday 20th August9.30 - 11am
Thursday 21st AugustEMERGENCIES ONLY
Friday 22nd AugustNot available
Saturday 23rd AugustNot available
Monday 25th AugustClosed
Tuesday 26th AugustNot available
Wednesday 27th AugustNot available
Thursday 28th AugustEMERGENCIES ONLY
Friday 29th AugustNot available
Saturday 30th AugustNot available

We have no facilities or staff to look after children or babies when you come to the clinic so please either make alternative arrangements or bring someone with you to look after any children while you are being seen in the clinic.

Please note that Walk in and wait clinics may have to be reduced or cancelled so please check the website on the day before attending.

Pre booked Appointments

These are available throughout the week (as below), please call 01932 722669 to make one.

Monday 28th July Not available
Tuesday 29th July 2 - 7pm
Wednesday 30th July 1 - 3.30pm
Thursday 31st July Not available
Friday 1st August9 - 12.30pm
Saturday 2nd August9 - 12 noon
Monday 4th August9 - 12.30pm
Tuesday 5th August1 - 7pm
Wednesday 6th August1 - 4pm
Thursday 7th AugustNot available
Friday 8th August9 - 12.30pm
Saturday 9th August9 - 12.30pm
Monday 11th August9 - 12.30
Tuesday 12th August1 - 6.30pm
Wednesday 13th August1 - 4pm
Thursday 14th AugustNot available
Friday 15th August9 - 12.30pm
Saturday 16th August9 - 12.30pm
Monday 18th August9 - 4pm
Tuesday 19th August9 - 4pm
Wednesday 20th August9 - 4pm
Thursday 21st AugustNot available
Friday 22nd August9 - 12.30
Saturday 23rd AugustNot available
Monday 25th AugustBank Holiday - closed
Tuesday 26th August9 - 12
Wednesday 27th August9 - 12
Thursday 28th AugustNot available
Friday 29th August9 - 12
Saturday 30th August9 - 12.30

Please note that there are no clinics available at weekends.

Quick Check Clinics at St Peter's

Quick check clinics are available to everyone who only requires a screening visit.

Please read the questionnaire on the website and if you answer "NO" to all the questions ring to make a Quick Check appointment.

Monday 28th July Quick check
Tuesday 29th July 4.30 - 6.30

Contraception (pills and injection only)
12 - 2
Wednesday 30th July 2 - 4pm
Monday 4th AugustQuick checks am + pm
Tuesday 5th August1 - 7pm plus quick checks and booked contraception clinic
Wednesday 6th August1 - 4pm plus quick checks
Monday 11th August9 - 12.30 plus quick checks
Tuesday 12th August1 - 6.30pm plus quick check
Wednesday 13th August1 - 4pm plus quick checks
Friday 29th August9 - 12 plus quick check

Dedicated Contraceptive Clinic

We are offering contraception to all ages including young people.

It will be run on a Tuesday from 12 noon till 2pm. Appointments bookable via the appointments line - 01932 722669.

We will offer a variety of contraceptive options including the contraceptive pill and injection. We hope to offer the implant in the not too distant future.

Outside the official clinic times contraception is available only if there is an appropriately trained clinician on duty.

Please note that this does not include EHC (emergency contraception) which is available throught clinic opening times.
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