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Our Clinic Opening Times.

We are open for general screening Monday to Friday available either via appointments or via our walk in and wait clinics. The clinics on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are for symptomatic patients only. The Thursday walk in and wait clinic is for those who do have symptoms and for those who do not have any symptoms. Saturday clinics are by appointment only.

Please note that we would prefer that you book into a clinic rather than attend a walk in, this will mean that you are not waiting for a long time as our walk in and wait clinics can be very busy.

We now run a doctor and nurse clinic on Tuesdays for early risers running from 7.15am onwards.

Walk in and Wait Clinic

The dates and times for the walk-in clinics are below:

Friday 26th MayNot Available
Saturday 27th MayNot Available
Monday 29th MayCLOSED
Tuesday 30th MayNot Available
Wednesday 31st MayNot Available
Thursday 1st June2.30 - 6pm
Friday 2nd JuneNot available
Saturday 3rd JuneNot available
Monday 5th June2 - 3.30pm
Tuesday 6th JuneNot available
Wednesday 7th JuneNot available
Thursday 8th June2.30 - 6pm
Friday 9th June8.30 - 11am
Saturday 10th JuneNot available
Monday 12th June2 - 3.30pm
Tuesday 13th JuneNot available
Wednesday 14th JuneNot available
Thursday 15th June2.30 - 6pm
Friday 16th June8.30 - 11am
Saturday 17th JuneNot available
Monday 19th JuneNot available
Tuesday 20th JuneNot available
Wednesday 21st JuneNot available
Thursday 22nd June2.30 - 6pm
Friday 23rd June8.30 - 11am
Saturday 24th JuneClinic closed
Monday 26th June2. - 3.30pm
Tuesday 27th JuneNot available
Wednesday 28th JuneNot available
Thursday 29th June2.30 - 6
Friday 30th June8.30 - 11am

We have no facilities or staff to look after children or babies when you come to the clinic so please either make alternative arrangements or bring someone with you to look after any children while you are being seen in the clinic.

Please note that Walk in and wait clinics may have to be reduced or cancelled so please check the website on the day before attending.

Pre booked Appointments

These are available throughout the week (as below), please call 01932 722669 to make one.

Friday 26th May9am - 1pm
Saturday 27th May9am - 12pm
Monday 29th MayCLOSED
Tuesday 30th May7.15am - 6.30pm
Wednesday 31st May9am - 4pm
Thursday 1st JuneNot available
Friday 2nd June9am - 12.30pm
Saturday 3rd June8.30 - 1pm
Monday 5th June9am-1pm
Tuesday 6th June7.15am - 6pm
Wednesday 7th June9am -4pm
Thursday 8th June3.30 - 4.30pm
Friday 9th June9 - 12.30pm
Saturday 10th June9 - 12.30pm
Monday 12th June9 - 1pm
Tuesday 13th June7.15am - 6pm
Wednesday 14th June9 - 4pm
Thursday 15th June3.30 - 4.30pm
Friday 16th June9am - 12.30pm
Saturday 17th June9 - 12.30pm
Monday 19th June9am - 4pm
Tuesday 20th June7.15am-6pm
Wednesday 21st June9am - 4pm
Thursday 22nd JuneNot available
Friday 23rd JuneNot available
Saturday 24th JuneClinic closed
Monday 26th June9am - 12.30
Tuesday 27th June7.15am - 6pm
Wednesday 28th June9 - 4pm
Thursday 29th JuneNot available
Friday 30th June9 - 12.30pm

Quick Check Clinic


Ashford Hospital Rapid Access Centre

This clinic is for under 18's and nurse follow up treatments


Appointments for the Ashford clinics must be booked in advance by telephoning 01932 722669


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