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  • Results for routine testing are available in 10 to 14 days; however they may be available earlier.

  • There are some tests which take longer; if you have had these specific tests done you will have been told at the time of your consultation.

Receiving results

You can get results by calling us, coming to the department or by receiving a text message. The most time and cost efficient method for us is by texting, you will however be given the choice.

Please note that if your mobile phone is blocked to anonymous calls, you will not be able to receive our text.

Text messages what will it say and what does it mean

Your message will either say:

Your results are negative.(clear)
From Blanche H

This message means that ALL your tests were negative, and you have no infection.


Please ring 01932 722390 to discuss your results
From Blanche H

This message means one or more of your results are either positive or a sample taken may need to be repeated; you must call us to discuss.

If you have any questions regarding results or anything else with regard to Blanche Heriot either call us on 01932 722669 or email us on
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